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Who We Are

Amanda is proud to work with a dedicated team of heart-centred professional Therapists and Tutors who collectively make up The                   of Holistic Health...


The team have a vast knowledge and range of expertise. This gives the ability to offer healthcare plans tailored to each individual person. The team will always listen and respect your health. Help and advise for your day to day living comes naturally from us too. We help you to live the best life possible!  



Creator and Owner of
The Heart of Holistic Health
Bowen Therapist and Tutor, Reiki Practitioner and Bach Flower Consultant

Amanda McGregor  SRN,  Cert ECBS

Amanda McGregor

Meet The Team

Meet The Team
Sound Healing Therapist
Acupunturist and Naturopath
Mick Moxham_edited.jpg
Shiatsu Practitioner
Rushna is a Holistic Life Coach and Mind Body Practitioner, Aromatherapist and Reiki Healer.
Holistic and Hypnotherapist
WhatsApp Image 2023-02-23 at 3.51_edited.jpg
Reiki Master
Acupuncturist and Naturpath
Beautician, Holistic Therapist, Tutor and Assessor
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Personal Trainer, Body Alignment, Nutrition and Fitness Wellbeing Coach, 3d Body Scan
Cameron Wickers
Bowen and Holistic Therapist and Tutor
Bowen Therapist, Lymphatic Massage etc
Holistic Therapist and Tutor
Tisserand Trained Aromatherapist, Massage, Reflexologist, Hypnotherapist, Soul Plan Reader
Sharon Paul_edited.jpg
Interfaith Minister, Holistic Therapist, Counsellor, Celebrant and Creator of Sacred Ceremonies.
Holistic and Hypnotherapist
Charlotte Pater_edited.jpg
Neurological Change Therapist
Jenni Shawyer
Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki Practitioner
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