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Michelle Russell

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As a personal trainer I will create a specified and personalised programme that suits your body, your fitness level, your goals, and your schedule, meaning you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re working as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.

We will bring into account any injuries or weaknesses you may have, you may also be looking to lose weight or to increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass, improve posture and balance.

Michelle is a Personal Trainer, Body Alignment, Nutrition and Fitness Wellbeing Coach.  Michelle offers personalised plans, incorporating the use of The Fit 3D Body Scanner.


The Fit 3D Body Scanner is a fantastic piece of equipment, the most accurate and up to date 360 body scanner on the market.

Taking 1200 images of your body these images will build your Avatar !! You will get to see your body image as an Avatar in 3D, you can actually see your body shape change and compare the results with each scan.

  • So much information about your body,

  • So much more to work with,

  • So much more for you to see.

Michelle is an integral practitioner at The Heart of Holistic Health, working closely with our therapists to create personalised fitness, nutrition and wellbeing plans for you.  

She is at the core of our Sports Injury Clinic, working alongside Amanda and Cameron to maximise your injury recovery. 

07970 152808

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