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Amanda McGregor


Owner/Founder of The Heart of Holistic Health
Bowen Therapist
Reiki Master
Bach Flower Consultant
First Aid in the Workplace
Anatomy and Physiology


Passionate and Compassionate

Amanda is a Bowen Therapist with a zest for life alongside a nurturing nature.

A background in Nursing and as a Voluntary First Responder in the Community has truly given Amanda a great foundation for her work today and to having a successful Bowen clinic since June 2008.

Her clients often say...

“Can we please have a bottle of Amanda’s radiant smile, positivity, and encouragement!“

The combination of bringing allopathic medicine together with her training in complementary therapies, has lead to the incredible success Amanda has in her work and cements the confidence her clients have in her.

Amanda and her family have personally benefitted from this powerful combination for which she will be eternally grateful. When her youngest son became unconscious at the age of 7 and rushed into hospital with bacterial meningitis the fragility of life hit home. The antibiotics given had a great, immediate effect which the doctors believed was due to the fact he had only ever had one lot of antibiotics previously. Amanda had used homeopathic remedies prescribed by her Homeopath to treat all childhood coughs, colds and sneezes. Elliot went on to survive a second bout of bacterial meningitis aged 18. He is now currently in Australia living and working.

Amanda’s eldest son benefitted from her training after being airlifted to hospital following a major road accident. After being discharged with no serious injuries Bowen therapy played an important part of his recovery. Whiplash was not an issue either as his first Bowen treatment was within 48 hours of the accident.

As if that wasn’t enough Amanda’s biggest journey has been with her middle son who was diagnosed with a stage 4 melanoma at the age of 17. The last 9 years have been spent combining allopathic medicine along with complementary medicine ……the path to lifelong wellbeing. This journey with her son made her realise the need for help, support and advise. Something that can be so difficult to find. But something that is so important!

 Along this journey Amanda became more and more aware of the need to help people in the same situation.  Feeling lost and not knowing where to turn is not a nice place to be. With all her professional training and life experiences her dream of a clinic combining allopathic and complementary medicine took hold.


With passion, enthusiasm and hard work

The Heart of Holistic Health has become a reality.

Amanda is a true advocate of living the best life possible and is so excited along with her team to be helping and encouraging as many people as possible to do the same thing too.

"I was lucky enough to know from an early age what I wanted to do in life.  Training to be a nurse was my dream.  I was never a naturally gifted student so I had to work hard at all my exams to achieve and reach my goals.  I was extremely fortunate though, to have parents that believed in me and my dreams.  When the going got tough they always reminded me “to work hard and believe in myself and to keep trying”.  A mantra I still say to myself today!  The greatest accolade was being accepted into The Nightingale School of Nursing at St Thomas’ Hospital, London.  I remember the day well when I packed all my things into my parents car including the kitchen sink !!  Gassiot House, on the hospital site became my home for the next few years.  The training was intense, thorough and of the highest standard.  I couldn’t have asked for a greater start in my career."

Amanda McGregor Bowen Therapist
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