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Michelle Roberts

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I am a certified Therapist in Meditation, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy and Feng Shui and have been practising for five years.

I combine a blend of Meditation, Crystal Healing and Sound Therapy to balance and harmonise your heart, body and mind. By creating a positive energy flow by aligning your body energy centres creates a happier more positive you.


I tailor each therapy to target more specific stuck energy areas to each individual client's energy centres to create a more positive flow of emotions and perspective.

Crystal and Sound Therapy for Harmonising your Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit, by combining both crystal and sound energies' creates Emotional, Rebalance and Mindful Healing


I have had great success with unhappy or worried children by Nature Sound Healing and Crystals, helping them to become more confident, happy and positive.


I hold 'Friendship' ladies groups to bond both good and new friends in a fun, loving heartfelt sound session with crystals.


I am a consultant for Feng Shui for a more positive energy flow in your home or workplace.

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