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Hi I’m Cam, I would love to share with you some of my journey and how I got to this point so we can get to know each other a little better! 


My spiritual/ holistic journey started at age 17 when I had my first Bowen treatment. I had been diagnosed with hyper mobility and had struggled with aches in my knees and tight shoulders, jaw pain, migraines as well as stress and anxiety. I felt lost. I originally had Bowen for my shoulder pain and was amazed at the ripple effect it had on my overall well being. I felt more balanced emotionally and physically and my overall well-being improved massively. I fell in love with the treatment and knew I had to learn it to be able to share it with others. Around this time I also started yoga and meditation classes, I felt such a difference in myself and I had this really strong inner knowing that this is my path. 


I really feel my life’s purpose is to help others heal and to guide them on their own spiritual journey whilst continuing my own. 


I went onto train in reiki levels 1-3, angelic reiki, Belief Coding®️ and also developed a strong love for crystals. 


Let’s rewind for a moment. In 2020 I set up Cams Crystal Creations and started to create crystal jewellery and other crystal crafts. I felt called to share my passion and knowledge of crystals with others so I developed my crystal and crafting workshops/ parties which are always so much fun and are available to book here at The Heart Of Holistic Health. 


In 2022 I discovered Belief Coding®️ and it felt like the missing piece to my jigsaw!

Belief Coding®️ takes us to the root cause of physical and emotional discomforts, the shifts felt an almost always instant and they last! This powerful modality is amazing and it’s an absolute privilege to witness my client’s transformations as a result. 


Now as my own spiritual journey continues I feel even more strongly connected with my guides, the Arch Angels and the beautiful universal energies that surround us all. My healing sessions have grown and developed along with me as a result of this. 


The Angelic Healing sessions that I now offer feel stronger than ever. I connect with the Arch Angels, universal energies, my guides, my spirit animals as well as your guides and spirit animals to remove negative attachments or energies, align the chakras and clear any blockages to rebalance your spiritual, emotional and psychical being. I may also channel messages from our guides all for your highest good and the highest good of all. 


I also find that these healing sessions pair perfectly with Bowen therapy to offer a physical, emotional and spiritual reset for your beautiful body. 


This spiritual journey I find myself on leads to me to meet some beautiful souls, one of which is Yasmin from Flowering Frequencies. When we met we had an instant connection and knew that we needed to work with one another. This has led to regular sound and healing journey workshops based at the Heart Of Holistic Health. These themed workshops consist of a guided meditation (led by yours truly) and a sound journey guided by the beautiful Yasmin, coupled with 1:1 angelic healing from myself. 


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