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The Heart of Angelic Reiki

What is Angelic Reiki Healing? 

Angel Reiki healing channels universal energy and the energy of the archangels though the practitioner to the client to encourage physical and emotional healing. 


What does the treatment involve? 

The treatment will last 1 hour including 45-50 minutes of healing and discussion of what was experienced during the treatment (if the client chooses to). 

I will call in my guides & my clients guides along with the archangels to help with the healing. 

I work mostly with archangel Micheal, archangel Raphael, archangel Chamuel, archangel Zadkiel & archangel Gabriel though other archangels may join us as well. 

During the healing I may (if necessary) cross over any lost souls that may have attached themselves to you. 

I may also dissolve any cords that no longer serve the highest good of you and those involved with these attachments. 

In some cases I may also connect with your power animal. 


What will I feel? 

During the treatment client will lay on the treatment couch & close their eyes. They may experience different emotions, hot / cold / tingling sensations. They may see colours or images or they may just feel relaxed. Everyone’s experience is different. We can discuss afterwards what these may mean and I will share any images/feelings etc that I experiment during the healing (if the client choses). ​​​

At The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, our Angelic Reiki Practitioners are Cameron Wickers and Jenni Shawyer.

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