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Verity Sawyer


I've spent the past 13 years dedicated to my self-awareness and development.

I have been constantly learning from own my coaching clients and investments in coaches and therapists. It has been a journey of patience, acceptance, love, and understanding.

I have faced the same challenges and struggles as many people; an unsettled childhood led me to develop different personas to survive and be recognised.

I evolved into a strong, highly driven person but did not at the time understand why.  I was successful in life and business, with many friends. But I had not developed the correct coping mechanisms and self-understanding to properly manage criticism, judgment, and or rejection.


I knew I had to make changes as the high demands I put on myself led to stress and periodic depression. I took the brave step and sold my business, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, with no sure direction.

I travelled and lived in Asia, and practiced and studied yoga and meditation, which marked the beginning of my journey of reconnection.

I found peace and happiness in yoga and sought guidance from a Buddhist monk psychologist who helped me express my truth, gradually finding a truer more authentic me.

I began to reclaim my genuine, happy nature, understand my values and develop self-respect and love.

I am deeply passionate about supporting young creative and entrepreneurial women, just like I was, to step into their full confidence and true alignment as early in life as possible. My heartfelt desire is to help you avoid suffering in wrong relationships or situations. Drawing from my own background, it is my goal to help you discover your true self.  To find out more about my unique modular coaching programme, click below:-

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