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The Truth of You

Do you experience any of these challenges?

  • You make fear-based choices due to rejection or judgment?

  • You procrastinate and get overwhelmed, which stops you from making progress?

  • You struggle with setting boundaries, saying yes when your truth says no, and compromising your energy?

  • You silence your authentic voice, which leads to not speaking up for what you believe in and diminishing your confidence?

  • You feel a sense of unworthiness and believe that you don't deserve happiness and abundance, which obstructs your path to success?

  • You have self-sabotaging traits that you are not aware of?

  • You feel that your existence is lacking joy and playfulness?

10 modules - 3 months...

This programme is aimed at young entrepreneurial women, who wish to be aligned with their truth and authentic and powerful self. Deeper Understanding early can save years of misunderstanding and discontentment.

The Results...


  • This program is not just a guide; it's a sacred and safe space for women to explore, understand, and embrace their authentic selves.

  • Imagine: a life where your authenticity is not only celebrated but becomes the driving force behind your every move.

  • Envision: a life where your power radiates from a place of authenticity, where confidence is second nature, and every choice aligns with your true self.

  • Action: Ready to start this transformative journey? Take charge now – dive into the heart of the Truth of You program and experience the profound changes within you.

Verity has an exciting launch offer for 'The Truth of You'.  For more information on this intuitive programme please visit Verity's Website by clicking the button below:

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