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The Heart of Massage

Massage is a treatment that has been enjoyed for centuries, with so many health benefits and variety of style it is now seen as a necessity not just a luxury.

Massage helps you psychologically as well as physically on many levels reducing stress, allowing us to relax and release tension by manipulation of the muscles.  It aids concentration and improves the metabolism and circulation allowing our bodies to perform to its best ability.

Massage should always be a fabulous experience and here at the heart of holistic health we can provide you with just that.  So choose from the list of Swedish massage, Hot stone, Aromatherapy and deep tissue and bring back the equilibrium between the mind, body and soul.  We are all one.

Our Resident Massage Therapists here at The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, are Nikki Mumby and Janis Norman.

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