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🌿 Find Your Tribe: Embrace Change and Thrive! 🌟

Imagine living a life you truly enjoy!


Change can be frightening and difficult, but when we take ourselves out of our comfort zone progression happens. In the past society has told us to except what we have and to just keep ticking along.  Post covid “Health and Wellbeing” has become a massive industry, with articles continuously in newspapers, magazines, social media, television etc. We are now being encouraged to do the exact opposite of ticking along!  Make those changes. “Don’t keep doing what you keep on doing”. 


Envisage waking up every morning filled with excitement and anticipation for the day ahead, even on those "ordinary" workdays. It's possible when you surround yourself with the right people and environment—when you find your tribe.


It is said that when we feel comfortable in our surroundings, and we feel as though we “fit in” that we are happier, healthier, more active and achieve more and have less pain. When our surroundings i.e. our home and neighbourhood/environment suit us and nurture us, we thrive. It’s a bit like a plant living in the right position, it thrives.  Having the right people in your surrounding environment and life are paramount.  It’s like finding your tribe!

It takes time and intentionality to find your tribe. Knowing yourself, investing yourself in others and being aware of those you resonate with will show you who you want in your tribe. Choose wisely and you’ll find yourself going further than you ever thought possible. The people who love and support us are our tribe. They are like minded but will challenge our thinking. They can be members of our family, friends, co-workers, or neighbours. We all need those who encourage us, accept us and love us as we authentically are. When we find our tribe, we feel a deep sense of belonging. This sense of belonging gives us strength and resilience.


Knowing how we want our lives to be and how we can make those changes to find our right environment and tribe can be difficult.  It can often simply be the difficulty in finding the time to step back and look at how we make those changes that prevents us from acting on it.  We live in a busy world and our minds are busy. Habits become formed, and routines set in.


I am reading a fantastic book called Atomic Habits recommended to me by my youngest son in Australia. The book looks at the process of behaviour change. We need to be aware of our habits in the first instance and how we can implement a change, with the two most common cues for implementation being time and location; for example, when and where we can make those changes.


Studies have shown that implementation intentions are effective for sticking to our goals and we are more likely to follow through and achieve our goals by doing this. Studies have also shown the first day of the week, first day of the month or first day of the year is the time we are more likely to change something. It is a natural reset time in the brain.


Remember, you have the power of free will. Even when you feel trapped or limited by circumstances, there are always options available to you. It's about recognising those options, making intentional choices, and surrounding yourself with the right people to support your journey.


So, embrace change, seek out your tribe, and unlock the potential for a life filled with joy, growth, and fulfilment. Together, we can create a community where we thrive and support each other on our individual paths to greatness.


With love and support, from Our Hearts to Yours...


Amanda and The Heart of Holistic Health Team 💙💙💙

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