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The Heart of Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Every healing journey is different – so each of your sessions will be tailored to you and what you need right now. I draw on a number of modalities to ensure you get your needs met and healing takes place. This could include person-centred counselling, bereavement and spiritual counselling, vortex healing, holistic cellular healing, meditation and journaling.


Psychotherapeutic Counselling works at a deep, cellular level, guiding you to your own inner wisdom, the part of you that knows who you are and what's best for you.  I developed this therapy from many different psychotherapy approaches that I have qualified in and used with clients over the past 20 years. Every client has their own individual and unique needs that need a blend of approaches to support them. We all have our own answers within us, yet sadly, negative life experiences and trauma separates us from who we really are.   Trauma can be an isolated or build up of events that have not be addressed within us and like a pressure cooker, our system becomes overloaded and blows, breaks down, we find ourselves unable to coupe.


To understand why, we have to understand what trauma is. Trauma is not the bad things that happened to you, but what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you. Trauma is an overwhelming threat that you don’t know how to deal with. The first thing that happens in trauma is that you separate from yourself. So, trauma fundamentally means you disconnect from yourself. Why do we get disconnected? Because it's too painful to be ourselves.  Psychotherapeutic Counselling helps you to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotions, thoughts and actions. It helps you clarify your situation, gain confidence and find a way to heal.

I work with so many people who look outside of themselves to find their answers. With the right guidance, you can become self-fuelled, self-aware and become the truest version of yourself.

People often come to me when they are going through something big, like a life crisis, past trauma, a relationship breakup or a death. Or you could be feeling lost and deeply unhappy with your life, knowing you need to make a change. You may simply need wise counsel or someone to talk with outside your family and friendship circle.

I will hold you in a sacred space of acceptance, compassion, love and understanding no matter what you’re going through.


This is a recent testimony from a client 

“I came to Sharon after a traumatic accident looking for guidance and answers, but she helped me find something even better - myself.   Any apprehension and doubt I had prior to booking any sessions was immediately gone as soon as I began speaking to Sharon. She is kind, understanding and she has such a warmth that you feel you have known her all your life. She made me feel valued, listened to and understood. After only 6 sessions, I feel ready to face the world, even though my life was changed so suddenly. Sharon has helped me to see, and truly believe, that I can be even happier than I was before. For that, I am forever grateful.  Thank you so much for everything – Sarah"

Our Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practitioner is Rev. Sharon Paul.

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