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The Heart of Neurological Change Therapy

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How neurological change therapy works. An appealing part of this type of therapy to most is that we do not need to spend a lot of time digging around the depths of your brain to find memories and most of the time this therapy is content free unless they need/want to be discussed. All I need to know is how the particular memory we have chosen makes you feel which we use to fire up the negative emotion/response attached to that neural pathway, we then create a memory how you would prefer to feel instead which is attached to a positive emotion/feeling/response and then use a quick set of loops repeated multiple times to create a new neural pathway which then creates a new pattern of behaviour/reaction/response.


Another technique used is a type of coaching method, working with your psyche and your 3 personality types, Warrior, settler and Nomad. If your team is not getting along or working together this can cause internal conflicts. Using this coaching method, meeting and talking to the parts of your subconscious can relieve those conflicts and change your behaviour and how you react to the influences in the outside world.

Our Resident Neurological Change Therapist here at The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, is Charlotte Pater

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