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 The Heart of Soul Plan Reading 

Do you have a sense there is something more meaningful for you in this lifetime?


Do you know your life purpose?


Have you been searching for answers or struggling with repeating negative patterns?


A Soul Plan Reading is a channelled system of soul direction analysis. Individual readings are based upon the sound vibration of your birth name as it appears on your birth certificate and may also take into account the name you are now using.

Benefits include:

• a greater and clearer sense of life purpose

• a context for understanding why you have experienced the life you have thus far

• a deeper sense of self understanding

• more clarity about life and your role in it

• awareness of your own unique abilities and potential

• guidance on how to: overcome your challenges/obstacles / achieve your goals

The purpose is to better understand your present incarnation and help awaken and activate latent potential, it is also an interpretation of your potential experiences for this lifetime. In a reading your life is analysed in terms of your talents, goals, potential, lessons and challenges to overcome and you will also discover your overall soul’s purpose.

You will be offered a free consultation via phone, skype or facetime whereby I will take your birth name details, I can then prepare your personalised chart and information before our appointment.  

Our Resident Soul Plan Reader is Janis Norman.

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