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The Heart of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and non-evasive method of dealing with a range of issues. It consists of being put into a gentle trance, (just like the feeling of daydreaming), through the use of a guided induction, that is both calming and relaxing. Once in this state, your conscious mind will ” float away” to a wonderful safe place; allowing your subconscious mind to be open and receptive to new and positive suggestions and reinforcements.

As well as straight-forward hypnotherapy, there are a variety of different approaches that can be applied to more complex situations; these include: Parts Therapy; Current Life Regression and Past Life Regression. These variables depend on the intensity of the problem and the clients’ individual needs and preferences.

Hypnotherapy can deal effectively with many issues, such as:

  • Stress/Anxiety eg depression; over thinking; procrastination; inner conflict; insomnia

  • Habits eg nail biting; snacking; addictions such as smoking

  • Relationships eg resolving relationship issues with partners, family and friends

  • Phobias eg fear of spiders; snakes; flying

  • Weight Loss eg overcoming snacking; motivation to succeed

  • Improving Life eg Public speaking; exam worries; confidence ; self belief; imposter syndrome

  • And other areas such as: spirit release; some accounted/unaccounted pain or emotions…… to name just a few. The list is in-exhaustible, and often categories listed above are linked.

Most importantly, it depends on the motivation of the client- as well as trust and commitment to the process. When this all comes together believe me…. magic happens!!!

Author - Mary Walsh-Pammen.

Our Resident Hypnotherapists here at The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, are Mary Walsh-Pammen, Marie McCaver and Janis Norman

Female Hypnotherapy Patient
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