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Neurological Change Therapist

Staying The Path Therapies

I am a neurological change therapist. Ideal for anyone who wants to change their mindset, emotional reactions and behaviour responses.


Our responses and reactions are what our subconscious brain has learnt from younger years and continues to digest information when just about anything new is encountered in our daily lives.


When the subconscious receives new information and recognises any familliarities about what's currently happening or unfolding in front of us, it will then pull a response from stored information using the same neural pathway that has already been learned from a previous event in our life. Unfortunately that part of the brain has no rational thought and is designed to keep us safe (which may not always be helpful to us) and if that response kept us alive during the original event, then the same response will be deployed again.


This could be a positive or a negative reaction even if the current event we consciously know is fine and safe. This is where I specialise in change, working directly with your subconscious so together we create new patterns and neural pathways to create your desired responses or reactions and once therapy has finished you will have a new programme for the subconscious brain to use.


I also offer a type of coaching method where there may be conflict within the psyche (or internal conflict). My mission is to give you clarity of mind, guidance and knowledge to help you become the best version of that you can be. I believe the best use of our time is the time invested in ourselves.


Just a few things I can help with:

  • Anxiety/stress

  • Weight loss/emotional relationship with food

  • Self confidence/worth issues

  • Motivation/goal achieving

  • Success inhibition/transition/career progression


Are you ready for change?

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