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The Heart of Naturopathic Herbalism

Using herbs to improve health is the most ancient form of medicine, the knowledge of which has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. 

Using herbs are an essential factor in health care in many cultures. Today's Western Herbalists are trained in anatomy and physiology, as any doctor, but they prescribe herbs in order to correct any underlying imbalances rather than give temporary relief. The primary focus of herbalism is to support the body's innate healing capacity.

After the consultation a personalised prescription will be compiled in the form of a tincture, herbal tea, herbal powder or a combination there of. Other forms of prescriptions may be needed such as healing balms and creams

Our Resident Naturopathic Herbalist Therapists here at The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, are Allison Green and Helen Hunt.

Herbal Medicine
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