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Tracy McDonnell

Tracy is an experienced Holistic therapist and Spiritual Healer with over 15 years working within holistic therapies. She combines her love of Holistic / Spiritual healing and her ability to relax your mind body & soul.

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Offering Reiki, Reflexology (Hands & Foot),Spiritual Healing & Indian Head Massage.

Tracy treats the body as a whole rather than treating individual symptoms to bring a complete sense of well-being.

Tracy’s passion for holistic healing started many years ago when she practiced reflexology & Indian head massage. Later on in life she herself received reiki treatments. which helped her in all areas of her life giving her happiness, clarity & balance back. 

Tracy then went on to study & practice spiritual and Reiki healing. She has always been a very spiritual & empathetic person from a young age. So it was natural for her to follow her passion of holistic and spiritual healing to help others. 

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