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The Heart of Life Alignment

What is stopping you from unlocking your full potential?

Blocks in your energy field, negative patterns, traumas, erroneous belief systems, habits, ancestral patterns…the list is endless.

All of these issues can hold you back, stopping you from achieving your full potential.  Life Alignment enables you to quickly and easily free yourself to achieve your dreams.

What can this technique do for you?

Life Alignment brings you home to yourself, giving you freedom from emotional, physical and mental disease and enabling you to let go of past trauma.

What can you achieve?

You can reach your true potential and reconnect to your soul path painlessly and easily, by freeing your energetic body of the limits placed on it by your personality.

The process is strange and mysterious, weird and wonderful.

How does Life Alignment work?

Life Alignment therapy blends the knowledge of your unconscious mind with the messages your body is trying to tell you.

Using kinesiology, you will be guided to pinpoint an emotion that has yet to be fully expressed, yet is held in your body.

Once the emotion is identified, we will work together to release and express those feelings. As a result, you will find that your mental and physical health is much improved.

Our Life Alignment Therapist and Tutor is Celia Leslie

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