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The Heart of Human Design

Connected to many sciences such as the chakra system, astrology, I-Ching and gene keys, Human Design is a PRACTICAL life navigation tool that reflects back your gifts & blocks.

Your unique chart shows you
* how to make aligned decisions
* tells you how to use your energy most efficiently
* shows your role you are here to play out
* shows your potential, your destiny 
* gives you full permission to be YOU 
* leads you to awareness and deeper trust in your own intuition


It is process of de-conditioning & honesty with yourself. Learning your design begins your journey to becoming your own authority  and not seeking external permission or answers. 

Give yourself the gift of CHOOSING a life that is true to YOU. 

Outside of Heart of Holistic, I am also a passionate yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. 

60 mins reading - £65

Your appointment will include a 10 minute buffer so I can make you a cuppa tea and say hello! 

*you will need to know your exact time of birth to have an accurate human design reading. 

Our Human Design Facilitator is Phoebe May Newman.

Female Hypnotherapy Patient
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