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The Heart of Esoteric Knowledge


Esoteric means the “hidden meaning” the secrets yet to unfold, the path of guidance and the higher knowledge.

Using strong intuition and the wonderful Tarot life’s incredible twists and turns can be unravelled with inspiration given and questions answered.

In the cruel days of Alexandria people were forced to burn their bibles under new law, the people loved the stories so much they drew pictures to remind them so that they would never be forgotten.  The travellers kept these pictures adding ancient symbols and other secret references to educate and share.  Eventually these cards fell into the hands of a priest who began to read the symbols and break down the meanings for deeper messages.  Tarot was then born. These fascinating cards have many meanings representing star signs, people and situations past, present and future.  Covering most subjects from business, love, health and wealth it is an experience that has to be done at least once in a lifetime.

Our Resident Esoteric Alchemist here at The Heart of Holistic Health, based in Ongar, is Nikki Mumby.

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