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D.O. Registered Osteopath

I treat a variety of conditions in all types of people ranging from ballet dancers to builders from grandchildren to grandparents. It doesn’t matter whether the patient’s aim is just to be able to walk to the shops or complete a Triathlon, as every patient is an individual with different needs and that is what makes my work so very interesting. The main aim is to get you, the patient, back to normal activity as quickly as possible as this plays an important role in our overall well-being. This may involve advice with exercise, posture, work station, etc. as well as a hands-on approach to my Osteopathy. 

You’re in Good Hands

I qualified in 1996 and have continued to regularly attend courses in order to continue my professional development. I am registered with the General Osteopathic Council and the British Osteopathic Association.

I still enjoy learning and am very keen on maintaining health through lifestyle, diet and Osteopathy. I have been active in many sports including Martial Arts, Surfing, Yoga, Golf, Skiing and Snowboarding and currently my spare time is taken up either in the gym, on the golf course and more recently kite surfing.I have developed a network of good professional contacts with other health care professionals as I believe working with other therapists has always been beneficial when considering the patient as a whole and I regularly refer patients for Homeopathy, Reflexology, X-ray, MRI scans, etc.Treatment is suitable for all ages and I adopt a relaxed, professional and gentle hands-on approach to my osteopathy; my philosophy being to treat you the patient as if I were the patient myself. I personally still maintain regular Osteopathic check-ups and treatment so I know exactly how it feels to be the patient. My experience teaches me that no two back pain sufferers are the same. There are common sites and patterns of pain but overall presentation is always unique to you. A thorough analysis, case history and physical examination allow for an individual treatment plan of action for all of my patients.

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