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Areas of expertise; Transformation specialist; Current and Past life Regression. Covering areas including; Anxiety /Stress / Phobias/ Habits/ Weight Loss/ Insomnia/ Public speaking / Confidence/ Works with all ages ( including children from age of 11+)

Over the last 30 years Mary has had distinguished and complementary careers as a Secondary School Teacher, Lecturer in Further Education, Tutor, Life-Coach and fully qualified hypnotherapist. Mary's caring and compassionate approach has led to specialisms working with children (and their families ) with complex issues - often from challenging backgrounds.

Her work included providing alternative pathways for brighter futures (educational and personal). It was through this specialised work that she searched for better tools to help those who are “stuck”, phobic, anxious or just simply need to find inner peace or another pathway. Hypnotherapy provided the answers she (and subsequently her

clients) found invaluable. As a result of hypnotherapy initially helping her personally, she became passionate about the need to share its wonderfully rapid and highly effective transformations.

Mary's approachable personality, qualifications, skills and extensive experience, in both education and hypnotherapy, (including "Parts “Therapy & Past/Current life regression ) have proven successful and at times, life changing to many of her past and present clients. In addition to her successful career-paths, Mary is also a wife and mother of 3 boys (now a little more grown-up and seeking their own paths! )

Mary Theresa Hypnotherapy

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