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Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Therapist and Reiki Master

Marie offers a unique blend of healing therapies and each session is tailored to suit individual needs. Feedback she receives from her clients is outstanding. She is passionate about healing the whole person, and her aim is to show you how to maintain a healthy balance for your mind, body and soul.

The session may include hypnotherapy (suggestion therapy), guided meditation,

reiki, counselling or a blend of all four. Marie is a qualified hypnotherapist,

Reiki Master and is trained in meditation practice.

She has worked as a volunteer for the Hummingbird Centre in Bishop’s

Stortford, offering sessions for cancer patients. She now regularly works at the Nova Clinic, Stevenage, offering sessions to our overworked NHS staff.

Marie uses her healing gifts to reduce stress, anxiety and a wide range of

symptoms that are commonplace in our society today, and has the ability to see through the symptoms to the root cause of your problem.

Marie will also be offering workshops to small groups in the near future. This may include a mix of all the therapies offered, and again will be tailored to suit everyone’s needs.

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