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Transformational Breath, Life Alignment, Reiki

I entered the field of alternative therapy back in 1996, having previously travelled the world working in the casino industry. While those times were stressful, they were often fulfilling, and very useful in developing my communication and people management skills in a variety of environments.

I took some welcome time out to travel through India, which gave me the opportunity to understand that my passion lay in personal development. Through attaining the best possible emotional and physical health for myself, I wanted to help others do the same.


I began by learning Reiki in the Himalayas from a Tibetan Buddhist nun, and on my return to the UK I couldn’t wait to help change people’s lives with my new-found knowledge. I ran Reiki workshops and gave treatments in accordance with my teachings.

Now fully immersed in my new career, I wanted to learn more. I went to study life alignment with Dr Jeff Levin, and I decided to learn NLP with its founder, Richard Bandler. Through my combined skills, the results I achieved with my clients became better and better, which was of course hugely satisfying. What happened next, though, changed everything. 

After attending a Transformational Breath workshop with Alan Dolan (known as the ‘breath guru’), I knew that I had discovered something so special that my life was about to change again. I was utterly blown away, learning a simple technique that would turn out to be invaluable for myself and my clients. The breathing techniques I practice have helped change many others’ lives in the process.

So, this is where my life’s journey has taken me so far, and there is no doubt much more to come!

Today I offer these three life-enhancing treatments, both in workshops and on a one-to-one basis. I work flexibly, offering separate treatments or combined on a mini retreat.

If you would like to find out more about the treatments I offer, and how they can enhance your own life’s journey, please get in contact.

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