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I'm Angela – Kinesiologist, Energy Healing, and Well-Being practitioner. I began my career working with children from Chaperoning in the West End (loved doing this so much!) to Education as well as in healthcare.

How did I get to where I am now?

I have, since the age of 7yrs lived with an autoimmune disease and I believe the journey it has taken me on both emotionally and physically has led me here. I am so passionate about helping people become empowered to knowing when things feel tough there is always light at the other end, I now feel through my own life's experiences and healing that I have been on it is now my time to give back and I do this through the gift that is Kinesiology!!


If you were to place everything that I have been interested in along my healing journey on a plate it would be everything that Kinesiology offers from nutrition, plants, herbs, supplements, spirituality, goal setting and emotional wellbeing to name just a few. How I got here as a Kinesiologist I am not really sure it is just something that I found myself doing and just 'knowing" that this is definitely where I should be and what I need to be doing.


I have always naturally been an inquisitive person trying to find an alternative to better health and emotional wellbeing and now I am able to share this with people when they have Kinesiology. I work with energies, looking at structure, nutrition, emotions as well as electrical elements within the body. Together we find the appropriate techniques that will steer you to recovery and how to maintain it.


For me there is nothing more amazing and rewarding than helping others find their way to the very best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives. My job is to show you the way. I work with individuals, helping them to help themselves. I see myself as the conduit asking the body what it needs to find balance through muscle testing and as reading is my favourite pastime I love to read, investigate and study the body to help every client find the balance needed within.


I use various approaches: kinesiology muscle testing, talking therapies, nutritional support and relaxation techniques which have proved to be very effective. Tapping and emotional stress release techniques work wonders in unblocking emotions and negative thinking.


Thank you for visiting here, please make contact if you believe I can help you and I look forward to supporting you in some way.

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