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Sarah Mann MNCS Acc

Counsellor & Psychotherapist.

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Since qualifying I have developed a practice that moves clients from a life in beige to life into full colour, enabling them to fulfil goals and dreams with tools that lasts a lifetime. 

My Therapy style is professional, pragmatic, relatable and solution based.  I use a variety of techniques, such as CBT, REBT, psychodynamics and sometimes life coaching to create a tailored support programme, for each individual client.   I have focussed my practice and Continual Professional Development on short term coping strategies, and personal development, growth and understanding for the longer term. 

I have worked with Victim Support where I specialised in Domestic Abuse and Historic Child Abuse and am currently also working with Essex Alcohol Recovery Centre to support those with substance misuse and addiction and more importantly what was so overwhelming and got people to the point of addiction in the first place.

To paraphrase a lovely client - “I can spend money on a new top and feel good for five minutes or invest money in my mental wellbeing and feel better for the rest of my life.     That’s Cost Vs Value I suppose!”


I think Johann Hari was right when he said: “The opposite of Addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s connection.”  I agree and I’d go further.  Sarah Mann said:  “Connection is the antidote to depression and anxiety.”


Qualified & experienced to support:  Abuse ◾ Addiction ◾ Anger ◾ Anxiety ◾ Young Adults ◾ Confidence ◾ Domestic Abuse ◾ Depression ◾ Grief ◾ Historic Child Abuse ◾ Fear & Phobias ◾ Relationships (Personal & Professional) ◾ Self Esteem ◾ Sexual Violence ◾ Stress ◾ Trauma 



Certificates and DBS available on request.

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