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Coaching used to be for executives, but now, more than ever, people are using it to help with the difficulties of life.  Suppose you are feeling stuck, lost, anxious, or even distressed about something in your life. Or you may want to make a change in your career or improve your performance at work or with your business but not sure how. Coaching can help you navigate these obstacles and help formulate a plan to enable you to achieve what you desire.


An accredited and experienced Executive, Business and Holistic Coach.

Lena Sagar

I have a 20 plus years background in Marketing with 10 years in leadership positions looking

at performance.  I'm an accredited and experienced coach who has worked with individuals,

small to listed companies, on various work and personal challenges.  With a holistic approach

to my coaching, I’m focussed on getting to the real issues withholding potential and change.


My experience includes leadership development, career change, performance

improvements, stress management, public speaking, self-confidence, stakeholder

management, conflict management, business coaching, strengths development, and much more.


I'm a globally certified coach by the International Coaching Federation, Gallup certified

strengths coach, and DISC accredited; both are behavioural assessment tools.  I hold a post-

graduate in business and personal coaching.  Please visit my website -

for further information or get in touch at for a no-obligation chat.


It would be a privilege to help you live a more fulfilling life.

An hours coaching session is £80. Packages are available but all depends on length of engagement. First 45 mins discovery session is no obligation and complimentary.

Lena also runs a number of empowering workshops which can be found here.

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